We Could Be Heroes, If We Watched Quality TV : The Bryant Park Project We could be heroes, if we watched quality TV.
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We Could Be Heroes, If We Watched Quality TV

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I attended CNN Heroes:An All-Star Tribute last week at the American Museum of Natural History. The show, broadcast live, was both heart-breaking and inspiring. The finalists were all people who had devoted their lives to making a difference: the African nun who took in raped girls, the MIT grad who brought electricity to developing areas, the teenager who created a program to reach autistic children.

Afterward, the party was celebratory. Everyone was just so in awe of the winners.
I talked to my pal Anderson, who co-hosted, and he was excited about how things went. The honorees hobnobbed with media moguls and mingled. The above-mentioned nun boogied with show co-host Christiane Amanpour. I even got to shake hands with the subway superman Wesley Autrey. The vibe felt like, "Wow, that was some TV that didn't pollute the world and maybe even made it a better place in a small way."

The show did really poorly in the ratings. CNN could have done a better job promoting it — but then again, viewers could have show up to watch it.

I just hope the show gets another shot next year.