Admit It: You've Had Tech Rage : The Bryant Park Project Admit it: You've had tech rage.
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Admit It: You've Had Tech Rage

I'd be willing to be that every single one of you has had a technology-related emotional meltdown at some point, as spelled out in this recent piece from ABC News, "Yelling at Tech Support Does More Harm than Good."

You know how it goes down ... you're on deadline for something or other and your screen freezes or your Internet connection cracks or a file won't upload correctly. You call the 1-800 tech support number or drag your office IT guy/gal over to fix it, and as nice and earnest as they may be, you end up taking all your tech angst out on these people.

OK, sometimes they deserve it. But most of the time, they're just trying to do their job -- and their job means having to be the receptacle for all of our pain, anger and lost dreams linked to the inevitable tech meltdown.

Share your stories. What's the worst tech meltdown you've suffered? All IT folks out there -- What's your nightmare client story. We wanna know.