Alison Stewart Checks in from Sundance : The Bryant Park Project Alison Stewart checks in from Sundance.
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Alison Stewart Checks in from Sundance

It's a crazy life here at the BPP. People start coming in around 3:30 a.m., or even 3. They work like mad on the show, and then they just keep going.

Wednesday, host Alison Stewart and director Jacob Ganz charged out of the office around noon and headed for the airport.They were on their way to Park City, Utah, where they're meeting up with video producer Win Rosenfeld. They'll cover the Sundance Film Festival and broadcast Friday's show. Alison sends this travelogue from Wednesday:

Landed 8:30mt. Jacob sat next to a Mormon dude who is torn about voting for Romney — likes his religious dedication but hates his CEO approach. Win in from LA noticed the temp difference. It's 8 degrees. I was almost run over by some Entertainment Weekly gals. In the hotel an by 9:45. We have been up 20 hours. Gnite!