Artists Bite Nails at Sundance Opener : The Bryant Park Project Artists bite nails at Sundance opener.
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Artists Bite Nails at Sundance Opener

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Right this second, as I'm typing, Ryan Alexiev and the rest of Cause Collective are showing off their big installation art project at the Sundance film festival. They're in a category called New Frontier that's designed to show off art at the intersection of a bunch of different media including sound.

Which sound, as I'm typing, is Ryan's big problem. The group commissioned new music for their 20-minute video mosaic, titled "Along the Way" — check it out on their site — and it all worked just fine. Until they got to Sundance.

"The big event is in half an hour, and we still don't have our stuff," Ryan says. They haven't slept, to speak of, for two days as they've raced to get the video project working in its New Frontier on Main Street digs.

"We had a composer make an original score, all this stuff," he says. "All of a sudden, it's not working.

Ryan, man, we've got our fingers crossed for you.

P.S. THE SOUND WORKS! That's the good news from Ryan. Here's the bad:

"The computer that we're using to run the piece off doesn't work anymore."

And never mind. "The highs and lows, unbelievable," he says. "Now I'm immune to anything."