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Best of the Blog, 2007

Y'all, it's the first day of the year, and here in the studios, we're all drunk on coffee cake. Must be time to post the Best of the Bryant Park Blog.

Forthwith, a sampling of stuff we loved. A lot.

1) Sigur Ros Gives Almost Silent Interview

2) Ron Paul's Many Wonderful Supporters

In which we discovered the limits of our ability to publish comments.

3) The Daily Video Rundown

4) Braver Than I Am: Jill Homer Bikes the Iditarod

With special thanks to Jill Homer, amazing athlete, photographer and writer. Jill, happy New Year. We're rooting for you. And following you.

On the best days, 'snow' equals 'smile.' Courtesy of Jill Homer hide caption

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Courtesy of Jill Homer