Nail-Biting Artists Save Show at Sundance : The Bryant Park Project Nail-biting artists save show at Sundance.
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Nail-Biting Artists Save Show at Sundance

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The Cause Collective, a group of multimedia artists, got tapped for the Sundance Film Festival's New Frontier division. The program displays art at the intersection of film and just about every other kind of creative expression. The Cause Collective is showing a video mosaic called Along the Way. As Jessica Ingram wrote earlier this week, they've kind of been up against it since they arrived.

Special to the BPP from Jessica Ingram of the Cause Collective.

Greetings from Park City, Utah! It was so exciting to arrive in snow-covered Salt Lake City Tuesday. It was 22 degrees when I landed and -2 degrees by the time I got to Park City. It is seriously cold here. I learned a new expression yesterday: "It's colder than Vernal!" Vernal is a town near Salt Lake City that is always MUCH colder than anywhere else around because of its elevation (it has a high of 3 degrees today). So when you're somewhere seriously cold, you exclaim, "It's colder than Vernal!"

It is a definite winter wonderland and everyone in Park City is gearing up for the Festival. Including my colleagues Hank Willis Thomas, Ryan Alexiev, and me, Jessica Ingram...

I arrived to a tense environment at the condo — Hank and Ryan got into a huge fight and started screaming at each other. I seriously thought they were going to throw down in the snow.

That was a good gauge of the stress level. We eventually pulled it together and went to test our piece at the New Frontier Lounge. Things seemed to be looking up, for a few hours at least, before we ended up staying up through the night to work out some final tweaks in the sound we have added to our film, do a final render, and finish up some promotion for the piece and for our collective.

Approximately 40,000 people come in and out of Park City for the festival. The next week is full of events: parties, panels, and of course, films. We are part of the New Frontier on Main programming. An exciting venue, the New Fontier Lounge has a relaxed feel with a DJ and lots of new media art and film.

Along the Way, our film, will premiere for the press and the Sundance Institute Board of Directors play for the duration of the festival. Bayet?? Ross Smith and Jorge Sanchez, the two other members of the Cause Collective. will arrive on Friday.

That's all for now. More work to do, and hopefully some sleep soon. (Hank is now asleep across two chairs snoring. Cross your fingers that we will be coherent when we try to explain our work after a couple hours of sleep. This is a no bueno.)

Jessica Ingram, Park City, Utah, Wednesday, 5 a.m.

P.S. We also have some great moral support this week in the form of friends Will Shepard, Minette Managhas, and Lizzie Brock.

P.P.S. We never made it to sleep. We???re here — still in front of our computers — bleary-eyed at 8 a.m., seeing the sunrise and it???s snowing — while we wrap up the endless frustrating details of dealing with technology, which we like to call our "never-ending nightmare. "I'm not sure an all-nighter is the ideal way to start your time at Sundance ... but hey . . . .

Special to the BPP from Jessica Ingram of the Cause Collective.