The Incredible Adventures of a Car Named 'Fagbug' : The Bryant Park Project Video: On the road with 'Fagbug'.
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The Incredible Adventures of a Car Named 'Fagbug'

On April 18, 2007, Erin Davies — then of Albany, N.Y. — found the words "fAg" and "u r gay" spray painted on her VW Beetle. Instead of removing the graffiti, Davies decided to take her bug on a 58-day cross-country tour and make a documentary about it.

Davies told us all about today on the show, and she sends a few clips from the film in the making. I'll drop one here and two more after the jump. You can follow her progress on her website, Fagbug: Activism on Wheels.

From Erin Davies: In Vegas, as I was interviewing a young woman who had also been a victim of a hate crime, this gentleman pulled over to talk to me after seeing me on the news. Several people have said they would respond to something like this with violence. I'm trying to put a non-violent message out there. I feel my actions are enough in continuing to drive the car and not letting the person who did this get the best of me.

WARNING: Content Contains Some Language That May Not Be Suitable For All Audiences.

From Erin Davies: Everyone has a guess about who actually would take the time to do something like this. Is it a male or female, child or adult, someone who's gay or straight? Two women in Seattle shared their guesses with me.

From Erin Davies: After getting four very positive notes left on my car in Albany, the fifth note I got was from a man named Dan who accused me of making the entire thing up. He left his phone number on the note, and so after returning back from my trip around the U.S., I met up with him.