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Tortured Cows in Your Kids' Lunch?

OK, the title is a bit extreme, but seriously, that's what this is about.

The Washington Post and a bunch of other outlets have been reporting the story this week. Apparently an activist from the Human Society finagled his way into a slaughterhouse in California and videotaped employees doing everything possible to get sick and lame cows into the killing room so they can become meat.

Now, I am not a big animal-rights kind of gal. I love dogs and had a bird growing up and even worked on a cattle ranch in Wyoming one summer, but I'm not big on cow rights. Having said that, this video is pretty tough to watch. The employees use forklifts and chains to move these sick cows instead of euthanizing them like they are supposed to. To make matters worse, the meat from this particular slaughterhouse is sold to a federal school lunch program. Why is this so bad you ask? According to the article in the Post and the Humane Society, meat from sick cows is not really that good for you.

So the federal government has weighed in on this and launched an investigation, and the parent company of the slaughterhouse has apologized and suspended operations. But the whole thing launched a conversation in our editorial meeting. Not so much about slaughtering sick cows for meat products -- more about the ethics issues surrounding the meat industry.

How do you feel about this? Would it bother you to know that the T-bone you bought at the grocery store had been prodded with electric shocks? Does it matter? Should it? Should it not?