Ultimate Red State Acquires Bluish Hue? : The Bryant Park Project Wyoming: Ultimate red state acquires bluish hue?
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Ultimate Red State Acquires Bluish Hue?

If you've ever spent any significant time in Wyoming, you know it's a state where conservatives are old school. They are the cowboy variety who don't like government telling them what to do with their land or their guns or their money. It's the home state of Dick Cheney and, save for a small liberal pocket in Jackson Hole, he's a statewide hero.

So it's even more surprising to think that some tried-and-true Wyoming Republicans are considering voting for Democrats this year. It gets down to land — apparently some ranchers haven't been to pleased about how big energy companies have been digging up their acreage in search of natural resources to help meet soaring demand. An editorial cartoonist from the Seattle PI drew up this cartoon that sums up this new political tension in Wyoming. Thought I'd pass it along for your viewing pleasure.