Make Your Own NPR Story : The Bryant Park Project An e-mail from NPR's Stephen Thompson makes us laugh.
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Make Your Own NPR Story

As you may have heard, I created a radio piece that is the BPP's attempt to bring together all the classic elements of typical Most E-Mailed stories. And we're judging our success by how far up the Most E-mailed list we get. (As of right now we're at number eight. Help us out!)

We're also judging our success by the response of our colleagues, and if that's any indication, the piece is a success. Stephen Thompson from NPR Music sent me an e-mail that's so hilarious, I've decided to post it here...

Stephen writes:

Loved the Most Emailed Stories piece. ... Shortly after starting at NPR, my best friend, Linda Holmes of Television Without Pity, wrote this helpful list to prepare me for work here.

NPR Most E-Mailed Stories (Any Day):

1. How [Guy] Uses His Church For [Not-Entirely-Sacred Purpose]
2. Making A Tasty Salad From [Blank], [Pun Word Related To "Blank"]-Style
3. [Foreign Word] [Foreign Word] [Foreign Word] Isn't What You Think
4. When Your [Area Of The Body] Itches
5. How Nail Polish Remover Is Killing The Fish Of [Country]
6. Getting Your Boneheaded Kids To [Ancient Art Form]
7. Change Comes To The [Thing You've Never Heard Of]
8. [Disgraced/Disrespected/Hobbled Musician] Returns With Soaring "[Word From Title Of Song]"
9. Halting [Disease] With [Kind Of Dancing]
10. Teach Your Dog To Play [Board Game]
11. The Dramatic Tale Of The [Mundane Thing]
12. My [Family Member], My [Sturdy Object]
13. [Unlikely Concept]? [Declaration Of Certainty]!
14. [Powerful Institution] To [Upstart]: "Not So Fast"
15. Earth's [Characteristic Of Planet] Threatened By New [Cosmetic Or Food]
16. [Long-Forgotten Writer] Returns With [Soon-Forgotten Book]
17. A Garden Of [Abstract Concept]
18. Don't Ignore That [Type Of Blemish]
19. Rediscovering The Humble [Household Object]: From Junk Drawer To [Other Place Starting With "J"]
20. In [Country], Saving The [Kind Of Bird] Takes [Virtue]
21. A Videogame Where [Social Ill] Is The Real Enemy
22. Three Cheers For The [Kind Of Flower]: Is It Pollen Its Weight In Your Garden?
23. [Incredibly Serious International Incident]
24. Sowing The Seeds Of [Desired Outcome] In The Fertile Soil Of [Kind Of Children]
25. It's A Purr-fect Time To Vaccinate Against [Cat Ailment]