Is Marilyn Monroe the Original Celebutante? : The Bryant Park Project Is Marilyn Monroe the original celebutante?
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Is Marilyn Monroe the Original Celebutante?


As we discussed in The Most today, Lindsay Lohan appears nude in the new issue of New York magazine. The photo shoot is a re-creation of Marilyn Monroe's famous nude "Last Sitting" session from 1962, six weeks before her death. The mag even got the same photographer, Bert Stern, and did it at the same place, the Hotel Bel-Air in California.

The link between Monroe's premature death and Lohan's trouble with various substances hasn't been lost on anyone. One comment on an LA Times blog said:

What people fail to see is that Marilyn Monroe was just the Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears of the '50s & '60s. If she was around today, she would be in the tabloids everyday.

Many of us think of Marilyn Monroe as being elegant and glamorous while we consider Hilton and Lohan to be trashy. But think about it. Monroe wasn't famous for her acting talent, she was famous for being a sex symbol. She traveled in high falutin' social circles. She had relationships with various and sundry men, including Joe DiMaggio and John F. Kennedy. (How did Arthur Miller get on that list? I guess he was Marilyn's K-Fed.)

Sure those beaus are classier than Rick Salomon, but folks can't get away with presidential affairs like they used to. (At least they can't get away with them forever.) Monroe's allure was due in part to the fact that we didn't know everything about her. If we had, she probably wouldn't have seemed so glamorous.

In short, I'm inclined to agree with the above comment. If Marilyn Monroe were around today, she'd be less Scarlett Johansson and more Lindsay Lohan. What say you?