Nora Chipaumire: Struggle in Motion : The Bryant Park Project Physical and emotional strength: an African dancer's journey
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Nora Chipaumire: Struggle in Motion

Strength, power, emotion, history . . . the words that come to mind while watching contemporary African dance artist Nora Chipaumire. Not to mention the word "gym," as in, "I should go . . . now." Looking at her incredibly sculpted body move in ways that would throw my back out makes me appreciate her art even more.

And after learning more about her during our interview, it's obvious her physical strength is exceeded only by her emotional strength. The woman grew up during Zimbabwe's guerilla war of liberation, was one of the first to integrate a post-apartheid school, graduated law school and now tours the world as an award-winning modern dancer. Did I say gym? I need to go all the way back to the drawing board.

Check out this clip from "Chimurenga," the solo-show she's performing tonight in Seattle and elsewhere on tour.