Hillary Clinton Gets In on the Act : The Bryant Park Project Asked and answered: Clinton campaign offering Elton John tickets.
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Hillary Clinton Gets In on the Act

No sooner did I ask the question of "What's Hillary Clinton going to offer?" than I got the e-mail answer. A chance to meet Elton John!

Here's the snippet from the e-mail, purportedly from the candidate herself:

I'm really looking forward to the solo concert my friend Elton John is throwing in New York to help our campaign — and I would very much like the chance to meet you there.

We're sending two supporters, along with their guests, to New York with VIP tickets for this very special, one-night-only concert on April 9, and it could be you. We will have a chance to talk just you and I — and you will get to meet Elton John at the party we're throwing afterwards. It's going to be a great night.

OK, Senator Clinton, that's "just you and ME" but I won't hold it against you.

Hmmm, what are Mike Gravel and Ron Paul offering?