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Paging Mr. C. Kret: Your Van Is Causing a Web-Jam

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Bill Chappell

I first saw this truck around Washington, D.C., a few years ago, but I had no idea it was any kind of an institution in its own right until a friend mentioned it a few weeks back. Then, lo and behold, there it was again, and I snapped a photo.

A quick search yielded an odd entry on, of all things, the Guinness World Records site. "RubbaBanMan" makes no mention of the van, but he does include some of its spray-painted text. Evidently, the guy hopes to accumulate a record-worthy rubber-band ball.

This photog took a pic of the same truck last year, too — I like it better, with that purple cast.

Speaking of PURPLE, it turns out that Washington Waterwoman used the truck in a serialized "horror blog" she has going.

And in a sign that the van has penetrated the zeitgeist (somewhat), several people in the U.S. and beyond have adopted the opening line as a personal tagline.

As for Mr. Kret himself, he offers his own bona fides on a very non-threatening, even Barney-esque, site. Turns out he's an aspiring children's book author. In addition to various insights, Mr. Kret also offers the chance to rent his vacation homes, in Telluride and Costa Rica.

Gotta say: after reading that, I may go price some panel vans this week.