What I Made for Dinner: 3/3/08 : The Bryant Park Project What I made for dinner: semi-disastrous pizza
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What I Made for Dinner: 3/3/08

Another in our ongoing series dreamed up by web editor Laura Conaway about the food I cook for my family for dinner:

Last night was a semi-disaster. I attempted to make a homemade pizza and a green salad. The salad went okay. The pizza not so much:

Here's my salad recipe:

Semi-wilted boston lettuce (wilting optional)
A cucumber, peeled and sliced width-wise
A handful of precut "baby bella" mushrooms
Baby carrots chopped up small
A green pepper, sliced into chunks of varying sizes (slipshod knife-work)
I would have done tomatoes but I think I saw a mold spot
A bottle of the only salad dressing in our fridge (balsamic vinaigrette)
Chalk to write note on blackboard: "buy more salad dressing"

The Pizza after the jump:

The Pizza:

A store-bought premade pizza crust (you know the kind, right? sealed in plastic?)
Spaghetti sauce because I forgot to buy pizza sauce (is there a difference?)
Shredded skim mozzarella cheese
For kid's third: pepperoni
For dad's third: pepperoni and mushrooms (see salad, above)
For mom's third: pepperoni, mushrooms and a couple of kalamata olives that I tried to pry loose from their pits, resulting in an olivey mush
I shook some frozen chopped basil over the top of the whole thing
I put the pizza in my countertop toaster/convection oven and set it for 425 degrees per the instructions on the pizza crust bag and set the timer for 10 minutes.
It came out kinda dark brown, and the basil looked like burned spots. My husband took one look at it and pronounced it inedible. He quickly pulled out some leftovers from the weekend and got to nuking.

I ate the pizza anyway. It was okay. The crust was a little soggy and the top was a little burnt. Not my finest hour.