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Alison Checks In: No Baby Yet

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What happens when a woman who has been cranking for a year on the BPP takes off for maternity leave?

Well . . .

Day 1: April 21
Woke up at 3:30 am. 3:30 AM!! I pitch some ideas to the BPP, to which Pashman responds, "Aren't you supposed to be asleep?" Yup. Instead, I decide to organize and clean every closet. And in an effort to get to my mecca, the Container store, I almost broke a personal rule...and left the house in sweat pants!! I'd made a pact with myself that no matter how tired/wide/harassed, I would get dressed every day.

Day 2: April 22
Made a bold decision to attend a "salon-like" soiree on the Upper East Side -- complete with a guy who restores castles in Scotland, a yoga instructor and travel writer. I had to figure out the how to spend the least amount of time in the subway in case I went into labor. Figured 2/3 train to 72nd and then bus across only meant 20 minutes underground. All went well, except NO ONE gave up his/her seat to a nine-months-pregnant lady. Gotta love NY!

Day 3: April 23
Big doctor's appointment -- will I be spirited off to the hospital? Nope. No big news. Rats. I keep seeing ads for Tina Fey's Baby Mama -- can't decide if it will make me laugh or cry to see it at this point.

Day 4: April 24
My due date. Come and gone. At least I accomplished something today and finished Lush Life from Richard Price. So great -- I hope y'all check out our interview with him again.

Day 5: April 25
I keep seeing reports saying a mother's breakfast might affect the gender of a child. I ate the same thing every day for almost nine months. So what does a whole-grain English muffin with omega-3 peanut butter mean?