Aryn Kyle Finds Success 'Surreal' : The Bryant Park Project BPP Book Club: Aryn Kyle finds success 'surreal.'
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Aryn Kyle Finds Success 'Surreal'

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Thanks to BPP listener Dave Wiley, we bring you an audio interview with Aryn Kyle, the author of our current BPP Book Club selection, The God of Animals. Kyle talked to Colorado Public Radio station KCFR's show Colorado Matters about the process of turning a short story into a novel and dealing with the critical and popular acclaim for her debut. She says the book's success "still seems so surreal."

Kyle's official website is here. And we dug up a little blurb Kyle wrote before her book came out for an online publication called Conversely. In it, she talks about her inability to climb a rope in gym class (I could never do that either) and describes her post-MFA life in Missoula, Mont.:

I'm hoping that if I just hang around long enough, I will realize what it is that I'm supposed to do with my life. In the meantime, I'm working on a novel, begging money from my (incredibly generous) parents, and calculating the number of decades it is going to take me to repay my student loans.

Seems like she got at least some of that figured out.

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