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BPP Book Club: Part Deux

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Our book club selection for the month of April is Aryn Kyle's The God of Animals, a coming-of-age story set in the American West. Alice Winston is a 12-year-old girl growing up on a ranch in Desert Valley, Colorado. Book Club leader Sarah Goodyear says the book had her from the first paragraph:

Six months before Polly Cain drowned in the canal, my sister, Nona, ran off and married a cowboy. My father said there was a time when he would have been able to stop her, and I wasn't sure if he meant a time in our lives when she would have listened to him, or a time in history when the Desert Valley Sheriff's Posse would have been allowed to chase after her with torches and drag her back to our house by her yellow hair. My father had been a member of the sheriff's posse since before I was born, and he said that the group was pretty much the same as the Masons, except without the virgin sacrifices. They paid dues, rode their horses in parades, and directed traffic at the rodeo where my sister met her cowboy. Only once in a great while were they called upon for a task of real importance, like clearing a fallen tree from a hunting trail, or pulling a dead girl out of the canal.

It's out in paperback and also available as an audiobook and for your Kindle, if you've got one. Grab a copy and read along with us.

The next book club meeting happens Friday, May 2. Get to reading!

Hey, we're official! The BPP Book Club now has its own e-mail address.