Man Walks Into a Bookstore : The Bryant Park Project Open thread: When a man tries to buy a "woman's" book.

Man Walks Into a Bookstore

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Man Walks Into a Bookstore

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Seth Bate talks about a buying a book.

When BPP listener and book club member Seth Bate went to his local bookstore to buy our latest selection, Aryn Kyle's The God of Animals, he got a strange reaction from the woman who helped him. She said she had enjoyed the book herself, but was surprised that a man would want to read it. Give a listen to him telling the story, above.

We thought Seth's encounter with the bookseller raised some interesting questions and wanted to throw it open to you. Is there such a thing as a "woman's book?" And if you think there is, do you also think there's such a thing as a "man's book?" What defines those categories? And are you willing to cross gender lines?


Women Read More Than Men

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