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Open Thread: Is Wright Trying to Hurt Obama?

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright addresses the National Press Club on April 28. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images hide caption

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Torpedo. That's the word I keep hearing to describe what the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is or is not trying to do to Barack Obama's presidential bid. Yesterday, the Democratic senator's former pastor spoke at the National Press Club — affirming his positions on the root causes of AIDS and 9-11 and decrying criticism of his sermons. "This is not an attack on Jeremiah Wright," Wright says. "It is an attack on the black church."

Obama told reporters that Wright doesn't speak for him or for the campaign. "Some of the comments that Rev. Wright has made offend me, and I understand why they offend the American people," the frontrunner said. Judging from opinion pages, that may not be enough. Obama and Wright's hometown paper, the Chicago Tribune, headlined an editorial "Wright's Curious Mission," writing:

By the end of Wright's performance, you had to wonder if he was trying to torpedo Obama's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. He surely didn't seem troubled by that possibility. "Nothing can get in the way if God wants Obama to be president," Wright said. Maybe not. But the pastor seemed interested in testing the theory.

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