ROFLCON: On the Gendernet : The Bryant Park Project ROFL Con opens to questions.
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ROFLCON: On the Gendernet

Right now, Kyle Macdonald, Joe Mathlete, Ian Spector, Andy Ochiltree, Andrew Baron, and Alex Tew are on stage, talking about making money from the internet. It just opened up to questions. I'm paraphrasing here, but the conversation quickly became about more than money.

From a woman in the audience: I can't help but notice you're all young white males. What do you think about that?

From the panel: A lot of other cultures have better things to do.

From Tron Guy in the crowd: I'm a geek and proud of it damnit. Everyone in this room is. The question of this internet fame skewing toward white males, it's about the fact that geeks are mostly white males. As more women become geeks, we'll see it even out as time goes on.

From the panel: Also, you have to have a stupid idea and jump on it. Women aren't stupid like men are.

From a woman in the crowd: It's not about stupidity. Men are allowed to be funny. Women aren't allowed to be funny like men are in our society.

From a man in the crowd: I love Tina Fey!

What do you think? Is internet fame—or even internet culture itself—more open to men than to women? Is Tron Guy right? Is it changing?