The Fukang Meteorite : The Bryant Park Project A photo of the Fukang Meteorite.

The Fukang Meteorite

Marvin Killgore holds one thin slice of the Fukang Meteorite up to the sun. Image courtesy of Bonhams hide caption

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Image courtesy of Bonhams

Today's a big day for Marvin Killgore. If all goes as planned, the plumber-turned-meteorite hunter will see the most prized piece in his personal meteorite collection auctioned off at Bonham's for nearly $3 million. Six months ago a similar auction failed to find a buyer for two pricey meteorites. But Marvin says his space rock is different. It's special. It's the Fukang Meteorite, named after the town in China near where the meteorite was found. Marvin and his wife Kitty joined us on the BPP today. There's a pic of the whole meteorite after the jump...

Image courtesy of Bonhams