The Internet! It's Just Like Us! : The Bryant Park Project ROFL Con pre-party!
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The Internet! It's Just Like Us!

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ROFL Con: it's the entire internet in one place, in its human forms. Those human forms do what other humans do: they drink beer. Scott Beale of Laughing Squid made it easy last night. He opened up a tab at a pub in Cambridge, and the internet was thirsty.

"You can see if you walk in that room right now, there's a lot of drunk memes," Beale said. He had a beer in one hand and was twittering with his iPhone in the other. "There are probably some brand new memes that are being hatched tonight. And we will see in six to eight weeks."

As for those future memes, they may be meta-memes, which is a word I just made up. River Laker flew up from Virginia to make youtube videos at ROFL Con of ROFL Con. He says he's "currently researching Web 5.2." Look out for that.

I'm off to grab some noms, which is a word I didn't make up. I'll be going to a few sessions today, but I'm most excited about "LOLCATS: I Can Haz Case Study?" It'll examine the roots of cat macros, and how we might look back on them thirty years from now. The human form of this will be there, if the people swarming him last night ever let him leave the bar.