What I Made for Dinner, 3/31 : The Bryant Park Project What I made for dinner: pizza part deux
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What I Made for Dinner, 3/31

I got ambitious. Why? Because this blog commitment weighs on me. I feel I have to deliver real meals for you voracious readers. And as I am a lousy cook with no ability to plan ahead I can only be spurred to achievement by one thing: fear of failure.

The fear took pizza form again. I vowed to do better after my previous pizza fiasco. And this time? No premade crust.

OK, it was partially premade. It was frozen dough. But I defrosted it, oiled it and tried to roll it out. That was my first sticking point. How the heck do you roll pizza dough? I was trying to remember the "I Love Lucy" pizza episode. I ended up with a lumpy dough with several holes in it, but I just did kind of a patchwork thing. Shoutout to my husband for helping—he jumped in when I was ready to give up and between the two of us we made the crust work.

The recipe after the jump:

Frozen pizza dough
A little oil (olive) on the pizza pan
Pizza sauce (premade. I know, I know, making it from scratch is better. I get it, ok?)
Mozzarella cheese (I thought I had some leftover from last time but it was gone. Fortunately I live 2 blocks away from a pizza place where they make fresh mozzarella, so I bought half a ball for about $4, sliced it up and cut the slices into small bits—it all melted nicely)
Some dried italian seasonings (I would have tried the fresh basil again like last time except it fell out of the freezer one day and shattered on the kitchen floor. I took it as a sign)

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees and throw that bad boy inside for about 10 - 15 minutes. I have a toaster/convection oven, so I think things cook a little quicker. I don't actually know how long it took to cook because I realized I didn't have anything to serve with the pizza so I left it in my husband's care while I took a second trip to the pizza place up the street to buy a salad. They call it salad, but it's really a plastic box full of iceberg lettuce topped with 2 slices of cucumber, maybe 4 carrots, and some green and black olives. Oh, and a few rings of red onion, which I put right in the garbage. And some garlic bread.

Result? All family members agreed the pizza was good.