Alison Checks In One Week After Isaac's Arrival : The Bryant Park Project Alison checks in: Ike turns 1 week old!
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Alison Checks In One Week After Isaac's Arrival

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Isaac Stewart Wolff turns one!

One week old, that is......

What a difference a week makes. This morning my son and I ( so funny to write that) went to the pediatrician, where he was described as "one of the strongest infants" the doctor has ever seen.

Regular readers know about 11 days ago I had a really tough time with the first two trips to the hospital, but the third was the charm. We were given the superstar treatment -- literally, since we were assigned the same fancy labor room as used by Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael J. Fox/Tracey Pollan and Bowie and Iman -- and after 11 hours of labor and one C section, 8 pounds and 6 ounces of cuteness came into the world.

As I've blogged, Ike was over a week late but we think we know why. In my family a lot of us were born on holidays. My birthday is July 4th, my sister is New Years Day, my niece July 4th, my paternal grandfather Halloween, my maternal grandfather New Years Day, my paternal grandmother was born on the first day of summer and my mother is Thanksgiving (11/25).

So we think he was holding out for a holiday and don't you know...his cumplea� is Cinco de Mayo.

More maternity leave blog posts on the way...but right now....a dirty diaper needs changing.....