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Antistrot: The Art Band

The Dutch art collective Antistrot are currently having their first American solo show at the Sara Tecchia Roma New York Gallery.
BPP producer Angela Ellis and I dropped in on them last week to watch them put the finishing touches on their latest work:

There's more about the band from the gallery's website after the jump.

The members of Antistrot found each other while studying illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. They bonded over a shared dislike of their professor (Professor Strot — hence the name Antistrot) and of the commonly restrictive view of art-making. As a joke, members began to draw as a group. Their first collaborative project, a cut-and-paste style magazine, shows a strong graphic style coupled with a complete rejection of morality in art. First galleries and then museums invited them to exhibit their work.

Ten years later, with most members in their early thirties, Antistrot still draw and paint as a group. They work simultaneously, "attacking" the canvas from all sides. They often incorporate images from obscure comics, fashion magazines, old photography books and other sources, reimagined in each member's distinct and individualized style. As they go, they talk about current events, pop culture, things that piss them off, other artists — anything that interests them — conversations that then unexpectedly become part of what they are creating. The magic of Antistrot is that each piece is a surprise, not only to the viewers but to the artists themselves.