Langhorne Slim Plays the Real Bryant Park : The Bryant Park Project Langhorne Slim springs his thoughtful lyrics and energetic playing on an unsuspecting lunchtime crowd.
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Langhorne Slim Plays the Real Bryant Park

In recent years, Langhorne Slim's combination of thoughtful lyrics and energetic live performances has earned him a reputation as an up-and-coming folk rocker with a punk sensibility. A few weeks ago he came by the BPP for an interview and in-studio performance.

Afterward, he and his band wandered out into Bryant Park, one of Midtown Manhattan's most beloved green spaces, in the middle of the lunch rush. With little fanfare, they set up in the park and started playing. Some people slowly turned their chairs in the direction of the music, while others barely glanced up from their salads. In the end, most of the unsuspecting crowd applauded. Some grabbed pens and paper to write down his name, so they could ask their kids about him.