Like a Ski Slope: Juneau's Energy Use : The Bryant Park Project When the rates go up, people turn off the lights.
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Like a Ski Slope: Juneau's Energy Use

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From Up in Alaska

Our old pal Jill Homer has been having a world of fun in Alaska, going on 150-mile bike rides, etc. Jill works at the local paper, the Juneau Empire, where lately the news has been all about the city's precipitous decline in electric use.

An avalanche last month wiped out Juneau's hydroelectric power. The electric company has been powering the city on diesel, at $4 a gallon. After the utility warned people about outsize bills — something like three or four times the usual — residents went around unplugging every possible appliance. Jill and her housemates just got their bill; she writes that they came in under $100, when they'd expected to pay more than twice that.