Listener Asks: Advice for Moving to New York City? : The Bryant Park Project Listener asks: Advice for moving to New York City?
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Listener Asks: Advice for Moving to New York City?

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So a listener has a friend who's maybe moving to New York City.

My best guess is that my household spent something like $10,000 on that process, which included renting an apartment we'd never seen and being asked to sign the lease in a parking lot under an elevated subway line.

Despite the horror stories about real estate, the listener and her friend have gamely sent over some questions. If you think you can help, hit the comments.

1.) Is it possible to find a livable, fairly decent apartment for under $1,000 a month, or would it be better to find roommates?
2.) What are the best times to go apartment shopping?
3.) How wise would it be for a 21-year-old small woman to live by herself the first time she's even in NY?
4.) How long does it usually take to get from Brooklyn to Manhattan?
5.) What's average for a one-bedroom or studio apt in NY?
6.) Is it generally OK to get an apartment in NY without first viewing it?
7.) In what neighborhoods does one NOT want to live?
8.) In NY, when one decides on an apartment, how much notice does the landlord need?
9.) What neighborhoods are preferable for NYU students (are there any places where NYU students tend to live in a large group)?