Listener Challenge: What Is This Baby Saying? : The Bryant Park Project Captions, please.
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Listener Challenge: What Is This Baby Saying?

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But what on earth is baby Ike saying?

That's where you can help, dear listener. Try your hand at a caption in the comments, please.

After the jump, Alison asks for advice.

From Alison Stewart:

The day we left the hospital, a very lovely nurse said to me, "Well, we have decided Isaac has the best lungs in the nursery." I think it was a nice way to say, "Man, can your kid wail!".

It's true. He is cute as a bug during bath time and blissful after a feeding, but there will be hell to pay if he is in a mood.

Three different people (Mr. Mike Pesca, Ms. Tricia McKinney and Dr. Cool Chick from my practice) all independently told me to watch 'The Happiest Baby on the Block' DVD. Pesca even gave me his. Thanks, Mike!

On the video, soft-voiced bearded doctor advises parents about the Five S's — swaddling, side carrying, shushing, swinging and sucking. Any combo or all of the above should trigger a calming reflex. I'm kinda of worried the Fives will be the subject of his therapy sessions in 25 years.

Still, I'm trying it and sometimes it works.


For the other times, if you have any suggestions on soothing a crying newborn, this sleep-deprived radio host would love to hear from you.