On the Victory Train: Balla Tounkara : The Bryant Park Project It was a close race, but Balla Tounkara has won our subway busker poll.

On the Victory Train: Balla Tounkara

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The Baby Soda Jazz Band made a furious last-minute run over the weekend, but they couldn't catch Balla Tounkara. The koura player from Mali has won the Bryant Park Project's first ever audience poll for subway buskers.

Tounkara was one of 50 musical acts to audition for New York City's Music Underground program. Every year, the subway system gives 20 performers coveted spots throughout its network of stations.

When voting ended this morning at 6 o'clock, we'd had 6141 ballots cast. I'll drop a screenshot of the results after the jump.

Now we're off to find Tounkara so we can have him in to play for the BPP.

The race was close, or close enough.

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