Cycling Activists Take to the L.A. Freeways : The Bryant Park Project Meet the Crimanimalz, who ride for a point.
NPR logo Cycling Activists Take to the L.A. Freeways

Cycling Activists Take to the L.A. Freeways

Produced by NPR's Zena Barakat, with footage from the Crimanimalz.

On the show today, we heard from the Crimanimalz -- a group of L.A. bike riders who've begun monthly rides on the interstates around Santa Monica. Their motto: If you rode a bike, you'd be home by now.

The Crimanimalz got their start over the fall, when they decided to create an alternative to the Critical Mass rides in Santa Monica. They tried a few kinds of pedestrian or bike theater, but nothing has caught the attention of the community -- and law enforcement -- like riding down the freeway. They've now ridden twice, in April with a dozen or so people and again in May with double that.

For the record, the California Highway Patrol says riding a bike on the freeway is dangerous and illegal. It comes with the risk of death and a ticket north of $100.

Bonus: Crimanimalz blog a night ride.