Doseone Rocks the BPP : The Bryant Park Project Subtle fun is good for you.

Doseone Rocks the BPP

When Adam Drucker -- aka "Doseone," the emcee for the band Subtle -- stopped by the BPP a couple of weeks ago, he ended up hijacking most of our day. Subtle has made a dense, intricate sci-fi themed trilogy of records featuring a character called Hour Hero Yes who's trying to escape from a world slightly removed from our own. Ambitious, yes. And easy to bury your head in; maybe not so easy to emerge from.

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Before the band recorded the third album in the trilogy, "ExitingARM," Drucker wrote a 20,000 word document he calls "The Ought Almanac of Amassed Fact Vol 1." It's sort of a guide to the adventures of Hour Hero Yes, and Drucker is in the process of turning that work into a Web-based graphic novel. While he was at the BPP, he was kind enough to record some of that work, and then gave us some of the original music that was fleshed out on "ExitingARM" to use as a backing track. You'll see the art from in the video as well.

Drucker isn't shy about his ambitions -- he references sci-fi epics, Galway poetry, and real life-and-death encounters in the same breath -- but he's a joy to listen to. Always challenging, and always a pleasure. Plus, after he finished reading his poetry, he completely demolished BPP video producer Win Rosenfeld in a freestyle rap battle.