Giant Squid! Giant Squid! : The Bryant Park Project A rare ocean find: a giant squid carcass found floating near Santa Cruz, Calif.
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Giant Squid! Giant Squid!

Researchers have found the carcass of what they're pretty sure is a giant squid floating in Monterey Bay off the California coast.

The carcass is in rough shape -- researchers were alerted to it by the sight of a flock of gulls feeding on it. They're still excited, because giant squid carcasses are rare, and each one offers a chance to learn more about the biology of the mysterious deep-water invertebrate.

This squid, they estimate, was probably about 25 feet long. There are pictures of it on the San Jose Mercury News website.

They're not 100 percent sure it's an architeuthis, but they think they'll know later today after a necropsy.

So while it's not as cool as that time Japanese scientists photographed a live giant squid for the first time ever, it's good news for the squid watchers.