Google Trends Mystery Solved! : The Bryant Park Project Why were googlers searching for the space pen? Now we know!
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Google Trends Mystery Solved!

This morning on "the most" I talked about a google trends mystery: why was "Fisher Space Pen" in the top 10 on google trends? And why did searches spike at 8 p.m. ET? That usually means something was on T.V. It being insanely early here at BPP world headquarters (much too early to call the company) I had to rely on my wits and the internet for the answer. Nothing. I surmised that maybe there was a Space Pen on the primetime version of "The Price is Right" last night. Rachel watched it, but only the first 15 minutes (we BPPers have to go to bed early). Dan thought maybe they were on sale on QVC.

So at a reasonable hour today, I called the Fisher Space Pen people, and a spokesman named Timothy Lawson gave me the answer right away. The Space Pen was featured on a show called "Factory Made" on the Discovery Channel last night. So yes, it was a t.v.-related google trend. Mystery solved. To be honest, I feel a little let down. Not by the Space Pen itself. But, you know, the chase is all.