Integrated Prom Dances Past Black and White : The Bryant Park Project Mississippi town ends tradition of segregated parties.
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Integrated Prom Dances Past Black and White

Mississippi's Charleston High School held its first interracial prom in April. Catherine Farquharson hide caption

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Catherine Farquharson

This year, for the first time, the high school in Charleston, Miss., held an integrated prom — ending a system of parallel parties for black and white students. The change came after local luminary Morgan Freeman renewed his longstanding offer to pay for the dance if everyone could go.

Student Chasidy Buckley talked to us on the show today about the big night.

A special thanks to photographer Catherine Farquharson and filmmaker Paul Saltzman for sharing these images from the upcoming documentary Prom Night in Mississippi, and to BPP producer Angela Ellis.

A rapper's report from the prom.
A Mississippi editor says people shouldn't be so surprised.