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During our Father's Day BBQ, I asked the parents of two baby boys: "Where do you stand on baby talk?" "Hate it," the father said, while Mom admitted to speaking in a high voice and making funny faces.

I agree with the dad, but I find myself behaving like the mom. Technically she and I engage in something called parentese, which is apparently good for your kid. The baby talk I was referring to sounds like what I encountered recently at a baby stuff store. Adults were speaking to their "soooper sweetums" and asking does "baybee-waybee, wanna binky-winky?" I thought to myself 'aren't you making your kids, stoopid-woopid or at least laying the groundwork for a mean speech impediment?' I mean, Buddy Hinton was right.

Baby talk between adults is really revolting, but what about between parent and child? Do you think it's normal behavior or a really ridiculous learned practice?