Listener Challenge: Rice, Rice Baby : The Bryant Park Project Alison checks in from the land of takeout.
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Listener Challenge: Rice, Rice Baby


We've talked some serious topics in the life of a new parent, from the question of vaccinations to problems with the health care system. Today, I want to talk about . . . rice.

During the bleary, weary first days of parenthood, our folder of takeout menus got a workout. But after multiple orders of Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Indian food, we found ourselves with an unreasonable amount of rice -- pints and pints of rice.

With all the news of high food prices and food shortages, I can't bring myself to throw it out. So I've made rice salad, rice pudding, arroz con pollo. I plan to rustle up some paella later this week, but, frankly, I'm running out of options and will.

What the heck could we, should we do with all that rice? Creativity encouraged.