Open Thread: Associated Press v. Bloggers : The Bryant Park Project How much is "fair use"
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Open Thread: Associated Press v. Bloggers

The blogosphere is abuzz today with news that the Associated Press wants to define how much of its content bloggers and Web sites can use.

The New York Times is reporting that it all started last week when the A.P. sent a letter to the Drudge Retort asking it remove items that contained A.P. quotes. Word got out and a backlash ensued on the web. On Saturday, the company's vice president and strategy director, Jim Kennedy, told the Times the letter was "heavy-handed" and that the A.P. would rethink its policies toward bloggers.

Kennedy says the company plans to meet with representatives of the Media Bloggers Association in hopes of creating some new guidelines, but for now they have not withdrawn their request for the Drudge Retort remove the items.

"Cutting and pasting a lot of content into a blog is not what we want to see," Kennedy said. "It is more consistent with the spirit of the Internet to link to content so people can read the whole thing in context."