Open Thread: Barack Obama Talks Dads : The Bryant Park Project Obama calls on fathers to take more responsibility.
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Open Thread: Barack Obama Talks Dads

Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama spoke at a Chicago church this Father's Day, calling on fathers to realize that "responsibility does not end at conception."

"Any fool can have a child, that doesn't make you a father, it's the courage to raise a child that makes you a father," said Obama. The issue has particular significance for the candidate whose own father left when he was two, and Obama says it is something the African-American community can't afford to ignore.

On the show today, Politico editor John Harris talked about the politics of Barack Obama's Father's Day sermon.

"This is something the most effective African-American politicians have done," said Harris. White audiences "don't want a sort of radical African American politician they want somebody who they believe shares essential middle class values."