Storm Trooper Pride : The Bryant Park Project Handcrafted art inspired by Star Wars.
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Gay Empire Attack!, artist Suckadelic Christie's Images Ltd. 2008 hide caption

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Christie's Images Ltd. 2008

Not everything on the block at Christie's Pop Culture auction has stood the test of time.

The artist Suckadelic created "Gay Empire Attack!" in 2007. But just because this Storm-Trooper art is recent, doesn't mean it's devoid of nostalgia or — craftsmanship.

"These aren't painted, these are hand cast," said Simeon Lipman, the head of pop culture at Christie's. "This guy actually hand-makes all these figures."

In addition to this work, Suckadelic has a few other lots in the auction:

Graff-At, 2002, a Star Wars vehicle customized by professional graffiti artists, with tags in the Aurebesh language, a fictional letter system created for in-world use for the six Star Wars films. The largest tag on the side of the souped-up Graff-at—"Rebel."

Darth Blowout, 2005, a circus punk doll holding a light saber

Crucifett, 2003, an action figure assemblage which shows Boba Fett cruxified on the wings of an X-Wing fighter