The Amazing Anya Ulinich : The Bryant Park Project English isn't this author's first language, nor writing her first art.
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The Amazing Anya Ulinich

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Anya Ulinich

OK, so not only does Anya Ulinich -- our latest BPP Book Club author -- amaze us because she wrote her fabulous novel, Petropolis, in her second language (her first is Russian). She also amazes us because fiction is her second art form. Her first? Painting. When she moved to Brooklyn, apartment living made things a little cramped for that medium, and so she began to write.

The result puts her in the tradition of Slavs who use the English language well enough to put native speakers to shame. Other examples? Vladimir Nabokov and Joseph Conrad (born Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski).

Check out more of Ulinich's paintings.

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