E-mail This Story! : The Bryant Park Project Help the BPP leave a lasting imprint at NPR.

E-mail This Story!

A long time ago I attempted to create a story that would make it to #1 on the NPR.org Most E-mailed List. To accomplish my goal I studied the list, and created a story that included elements commonly found on the list. Back then I peaked at #2. The #1 story got linked on Yahoo.com, and that was that. So I'm making one more attempt. Go to the story and e-mail it to everyone you know. (Keep in mind that when you enter a list of e-mail addresses separated by commas, the site only counts it as one e-mail. You have to enter one address, hit send, then go back and do the process again.)

Now get e-mailing. Use this version of the story from today's show. This is our lasting legacy on NPR!