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Hey! Anya Ulinich Has Something To Say

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OK, so our talk with Anya Ulinich, author of Petropolis, aired on Monday — and as you may remember, that was the day we learned some pretty grim news on the BPP. So we're a little late in getting up a blog post about the latest, and last, selection of the BPP Book Club.

But it would be a pity to let this marvelous interview with this remarkable writer go unblogged.

Ulinich discusses the American love of self and defends her characters in the face of questioning from Rebecca from Berlin. She also talks about writing in a language not her own — English feels like "Lego bricks," as opposed to the "undifferentiated goo" of her native Russian.

The author proves to be as smart and funny and perceptive as her book. Listen to the interview. And if you haven't already, read the book. It's never too late to join this club.