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Just 'Stache It.

They're not just for porn stars anymore. Moustaches are fun for the entire family. Courtesy: http://porkmoustache.blogspot.com/ hide caption

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Courtesy: http://porkmoustache.blogspot.com/

I am procrastinating. I should be finding a job right now, but I'm looking at my friend's brilliant blog about edible moustaches. Who is my friend? She goes by the pseudonym Prudence Smithfield, and her blog co-conspirators are Cornelius Honeycutt and Dorcas Porkbutt.

Asked why they created this blog, Prudence says:

"We, at porkmoustache, felt that the history of edible moustaches had been left out of the history books for far too long and it was high time that the world's comestible lip hair found its way to fame."

I agree.