Getting Guns Out Of The Closet : The Bryant Park Project If you got it, should you flaunt it?
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Getting Guns Out Of The Closet

Americans have carried guns in open holsters since frontier days. This revolver dates back to the 1870s. Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images hide caption

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Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images

Today, the BPP spoke to a leader of the "open carry" gun movement. Followers say it's all about openly displaying guns, where people can see them. John Pierce, founder of likens it to the gay rights movement.

"One of the reasons we make that comparison," he says, "is that open carry is really gun ownership coming out of the closet."

Pierce argues that a stigma has attached to gun ownership, which he says is really "a wholesome and responsible activity." If more people understood that, he says, the stigma would go away.