Out Of The Frying Pan, Onto The Blog : The Bryant Park Project Okra makes it to the BPP.

Out Of The Frying Pan, Onto The Blog

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Sad times here at the BPP.

There's still a good serving of fun stuff in the works, but it's tough to face the fact that a lot of those back burner ideas just won't come to fruition this time around.

Here's one thing (in fact the only thing) that was cooking on my stove last night -- that famed piece of Brooklyn-grown okra, pictured here with other spoils from my window box.

Food styling courtesy of our ever-smiling receptionist/den mother Agnes Janiszewski and resident video goddess Zena Barakat.

It really does take a village. Laura Conaway's been encouraging me to fry up that okra, but I didn't realize I was supposed to cut it into pieces first. This full-pod style is inspired by Chinese Mirch, a local Indian fusion restaurant which serves its okra slightly battered, crispy and dusted with red pepper.

Not a bad way to be.