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The Final Stage Of Grief: Acceptance

When Web editor Laura Conaway proposed doing a mashup of the five stages of grief with the "Best Song in the World Today," I immediately called dibs on stage five: acceptance. It probably wasn't my smartest move, as it turns out. I thought I was well into acceptance, and then found that in the middle of doing the segment I couldn't even talk. Apparently that's the big misconception about Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's groundbreaking research. You don't just move through the stages in order. You go back through them again and again, and you never really finish.

I want to reiterate that I do have a sense of perspective and that although this is a profound loss for me -- personally and financially -- it's not all that bad in the grand scheme of things. We are all healthy people, we have the ability to work elsewhere, we will all be just fine.

But to help us accept the loss of the show and the Web experience we all loved (I mean ACTUALLY LOVED -- how rare is that?) I picked the song "Smile Smile Smile" by Dan Zanes. It's about loving simple things about other people, and about how that love ripples and expands and eventually circles the world. Enjoy.