Where To Find Us Now : The Bryant Park Project A love is love and not fade away.

Where To Find Us Now

Over the next few days, we'll be packing up the Bryant Park Project. The last broadcast is Friday morning. As for the other parts of the show:

The last blog post happens on Friday. BPP friend and NPR guy Andy Carvin has agreed to handle comments through the end of Monday, wherever you are.

The Facebook page will remain live. The main Twitter stream will freeze at some point on Friday. Twitter.com/bppdiner will stay live, collecting updates that mention "BPP." We'll also watch for replies through Summize.

And now, thanks to Rob Paterson, we're building a whole new town. It's on Ning, it's free, and all the cool BPP kids are doing it.

Blink three times and we'll have a staff blog. We'll post it on Ning and Facebook and the Twitter Diner account, so you'll know where we are.

But remember, you were always a part of the show. And you still are. Keep the lights on, will ya?

After the jump, a list of places to find BPP staff and friends.

Staff accounts:

Matt Martinez (plus)
Tricia McKinney
Caitlin Kenney
Laura Silver
Laura Conaway

Twitter volunteers