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Amy Tan Offers Us Some Advice

(Robert Siegel spoke to author Amy Tan this week for a story about the village of Dimen. She writes about the Dong village in the forthcoming May issue of National Geographic magazine.)

Amy Tan on recent visit to Washington, D.C. to speak about her upcoming National Geographic article. Lars Gotrich, NPR hide caption

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Lars Gotrich, NPR

Amy Tan had this advice for my forthcoming trip to Chengdu: I must ask to see a Chinese opera. When I am told about a very famous (and, as she says, 'glitzy') one I must refuse and demand to see a REAL one. Then when I told about a real one, I must refuse again and insist on going to the outdoor opera that the farmers go to when they come to the city. The Chinese, she says, will think I am nuts but, this way, I'll see an authentic Chinese opera. Her other guidance: I must buy an umbrella for the sun.